A few years back, footage captured from inside a Maine bear den captured the imagination of people around the world.

Today, we’ve got a few trail camera photos that show one black bear deciding to head back into a den for a nap after apparently agreeing with the groundhog and deciding spring was still not here.

Kenneth Beland of Newport sent in the series of four photos, which show a bear standing outside the den, then crawling back into its winter abode.

“I was out on our woodlot on this beautiful day and was reminded of a series of photos you might find interesting,” Beland said.

“I was snowshoeing with my friend Lee on a similar day in early March 2017, and we checked out a spot where friends told me they thought a bear was setting up a den during deer season. We checked out the root wad and Lee motioned for me to be quiet and to come to his side of the den. A bear was laying down in the den about six to eight feet away from us, with its snout visible in the opening. The bear seemed to be watching us with eyes half open. I know people have a tendency to give human attributes to animals, but I was convinced that if that bear could speak, it would have said: ‘Man, you wouldn’t happen to have a cup of coffee, would you?'”

Beland didn’t have a cup of coffee to spare, but he did come up with a plan of action.

“When I got home, I decided to move a trail cam to the den, and caught many bear pictures over the next few days, including this series of the bear squeezing itself into the den,” he said. “Enjoy!”

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