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Courtesy of Aroostook County Tourism

A great catch no matter the season.

From lakes, streams, and everything in between – fishing in Aroostook County is where legends get their stories. The County’s long winters makes remote lakes and ponds more accessible as sportsmen can snowmobile to coveted fishing holes for late season ice fishing. The beauty is these same frozen waters thaw out to trout waters – and a select few are home to the coveted arctic char.

Head north as open water fishing begins April 1st, and that is no joke! In the spring, Aroostook’s pristine lakes are a stronghold for abundant brook trout, lake trout, charr, salmon, and bass. Anglers live for the challenge to reel in a trophy muskie – a fish found in the St. John River Valley reaching lengths up to five feet and over 60 pounds! Grab the family, grab the right bait, and get out on the water this spring for the chance to snag your best catch of the year!

Photo courtesy of the Bicycle Coalition of Maine

Happy trails to you!

Discover the very best of inland Maine as you tour 344 new miles of US Bike Route 501 – connecting Penobscot County all the way through to Allagash!! Cyclists will pass over a 171′ covered bridge in Houlton, pass through the edge of Maine’s first State Park, and continue on to The St. John Valley Cultural and Fish River National Scenic Byway. Mountain bike enthusiasts can enjoy both handmade and machine-made single-track trail systems or go backcountry for an experience that will speak to the more adventurous types.

A great example is the mountain bike trails at the Nordic Heritage Center. They include over 20 miles of hand-made and machine-made single track. Trails wind through maple groves and evergreen forest and vary from smooth and fluid to narrow and technical.

Beginner loops include the family-friendly ‘Moose Loop’ and ‘Eric’s Around the Mountain Trail.’ Moderate to expert line terrain such as long skinnies, exposed bedrock outcrops, and natural drops can also be found on some of the trails. It is always a hit with the kids and anyone looking for a challenge.

Other features of interest include ‘The Enchanted Forest’ (don’t miss the tree gnomes!), and ‘Vacationland’, an intermediate/expert loop that circles one of the ridges on the property. Whatever your experience level is, Northern Maine has the right terrain for your mountain biking adventure!

| Get out and experience the beauty of spring in Aroostook County!

Take a hike on trails less travelled.

Aroostook County is a great place to hike for all skill levels. From Aroostook State Park to portions of the Appalachian Trail, you can enjoy many different terrains and trails. Looking for a fun family day trip? Smaller mountains are abundant in Aroostook, but don’t be fooled by the short trails; the mountains are rugged, and the views from the peaks are spectacular. Take the kids up our short and steep Haystack Mountain for 360-degree views of our mountains, woods, and fields. Discover the lesser known Deboullie Mountain in the Deboullie Public Reserve Lands capital (26 miles in the woods west of Portage) which can be done in either 4 miles or as a 7-mile loop; it’s a challenging but rewarding hike suitable for adventurous families. Not quite up for a mountain climb? We have plenty of walking trails that will keep you closer to lake level. In Limestone, enjoy five miles of trails at the Aroostook National Wildlife Refuge. A spring hike when the weather is a little warmer and the sky is clear is a great place to see some furry friends, so keep your eyes peeled!

Photo courtesy of Paul Cyr

One of our most popular tourist attractions is the moose. Moose are the largest member of the deer family and in northern Maine large bulls frequently weigh in at over 1,000 pounds and have racks exceeding 60 inches. Want to see a moose while you’re visiting? Try one of these scenic rides. Generally, very early morning or early
evening just before dusk are the best times to see moose grazing at the side of the road.

Rt. 161, Caribou to Fort Kent & US Rt. 1, Caribou to Van Buren – Though there are no hard and fast statistics on this issue, these have to be two of the best places to see a moose. If you travel the full length of either road leaving Caribou into the St. John Valley, most days, you’ll see 2 or more.

Photo courtesy of Paul Cyr
Disclaimer: Motorist should use extra caution in high moose areas. They can appear without warning.

Rt. 11, Ashland to Patten – If there’s another sure-fire route to drive to see a moose, this has to be it. This road also has the added benefit of beautiful views of Mount Katahdin.

If shorter drives are more what you had in mind, the options are too numerous to list. Once you get here, ask around for where the moose are this season and you’re sure to get directions for a short drive to find your moose!

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