Lobstermen protest an offshore wind project off Boothbay Harbor on Sunday. Credit: Courtesy of Sherrie Tucker / Maine Public

State marine regulators are providing an update on a dispute between fishermen and the developers of a wind energy project off Monhegan Island.

The flashpoint has been recent activity by a 150-foot vessel contracted by the developers, New England Aqua Ventus, to survey possible routes for a cable running between the project and the mainland.

Project officials said Monday that fishermen appeared to be putting gear in the vessel’s way, bringing their boats too close, and thus forcing survey operations to be suspended. The Department of Marine Resources said Tuesday that when marine patrol officials radioed to fishing boat captains that they needed to stay a safe distance from the survey vessel, the captains complied.

The department also said officers did not see direct interference with the vessel and saw no clear evidence that a significant amount of gear had been moved into the route. It said fishing activity continues in the area and that there is still enough gear in the water to obstruct survey operations.

The department said it is working with fishermen to clear a safe path.

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