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No Sunday hunting

Hunters control the woods six days out of seven during autumn. Hunting season for deer, moose, bear, and turkey overlap from August 30 to December 11 (2020-21 season dates). That’s 14 weeks (over 25 percent) of the year with people with firearms in the woods planning to shoot something on Monday through Saturday. Only Sunday is available for the non-hunter to walk freely through the woods during the beautiful autumn.

I trust that hunters will be certain that they aim at only game animals and hit only what they shoot at. But that isn’t always the case. In 1988, Karen Wood was killed while hanging laundry in her backyard in Hermon. Just this year, a 14-year-old in Milford who was ice fishing near his home was almost shot by someone target shooting who missed. If a shooter misses what he/she is aiming at, where does the bullet stop?

My husband and I have wooded land that we allow hunters to use. However, if Sunday hunting is allowed, our land will be posted. No hunting. Period.

Linda Taylor


No more Sunday hunting excuses

I have got to add my two cents to the argument. I fully agree with Doug Tibbetts and his recent BDN OpEd about allowing Sunday hunting (at least on private property). This is the only state I have lived in and hunted in (out of more than a dozen in the last 50 years) that does not allow Sunday hunting.

The excuse that is used most often, that no hunting on Sunday allows private use, is just that. An excuse. No one is out there on Sunday.

And, it would probably be a big economic boost to the state to allow Sunday hunting. How many people work six days a week and don’t buy a hunting license because they can’t hunt on the seventh day?

The blue laws that initially started the “do nothing but go to church on Sunday” are long past their expiration date.

Larry Ferrell


I would post my land

I respectfully disagree with Doug Tibbetts’ Sunday hunting OpEd of March 22. His argument of having only one day a week to hunt also applies to non-hunters having only one day to enjoy the woods, fields, even just being out, especially if their area is surrounded by woods. I find it hard to believe that all working hunters end up with only Sunday available. My hunting family and friends try to schedule some of their accrued time off for hunting season. Question: will hunting license prices increase? If not, how does Sunday hunting have “a statewide financial impact”?

Landowners granting permission is great if the owner is known, but not all owners are obvious. Should Sunday hunting become available and I still owned hunting area land, I would post it and no one could hunt there anytime. What would people gain?

Brenda Cookson


Pinkham Bebb an asset for Northport

Breanna Pinkham Bebb is running for the position of selectman for the Town of Northport. I have previously worked with her at the Belfast Chamber of Commerce, where I was the office manager and she served on the board of directors. While on the board, she championed small businesses and strongly promoted economic development.

Pinkham Bebb, however, is not a one note, one cause type of person. She is passionately committed to our community and to improving the quality of life for all of us. She not only listens to the problems and concerns of others, but has shown her willingness to actually do the hard work needed to fix the problems. From stacking wood at the community woodshed to serving on the Northport planning board, she is always willing to give back to the town and state that she loves.

I can attest that Breanna Pinkham Bebb will be a wonderful asset as a selectman for the Town of Northport.

Kathleen Coleman