Credit: Stock image / Pixabay

MIDDLEBURY, Vt. — State officials in Vermont say they’re ready to assist residents with insurance claims as they cleanup and rebuild following Friday’s tornado, which injured at least two people.

The state Department of Financial Regulation said Saturday that residents who experienced property damage need to notify their insurance agency as soon as possible to begin the claims process.

They also need to take photos of the damage, save samples of damaged material such as carpeting, curtains, and upholster, and keep receipts for any repairs or replacement.

The agency said property owners should also take steps to secure structures from further damage, including temporarily covering broken windows, damaged walls, or leaking roofs.

Residents can also contact the department’s consumer services team at 800-964-1784 or

Friday’s tornado in the Middlebury-area had an estimated wind speed of 110 mph and came as high winds swept across New England.

The tornado traveled about 1 mile before dissipating. It registered at the upper end of the EF1 scale, which is considered weak.