Rayshaun Moore makes his initial appearance in Bangor court in February 2020. He is on trial for the killing of Demetrius Snow. Credit: Charles Eichacker / BDN

The man accused of stabbing Demetrius Snow to death last year in the parking lot of a Bangor nightclub told his ex-girlfriend in the hours after Snow’s death that police would be looking for him.

Rayshaun Moore, 36, has pleaded not guilty to murder in the death of Snow, 25, of Bangor, who died of stab wounds shortly after 1 a.m. on Feb. 1, 2020, in the parking lot of the Half Acre Nightclub on Harlow Street. His ex-girlfriend and the man Moore has accused of stabbing Snow to death testified Wednesday, the third day of Moore’s murder trial.

Moore claims that Kevin Brogdon Sr. took his knife away from him and killed Snow.

The beginning of the altercation that led to Snow’s death was captured on the nightclub’s surveillance cameras but the actual stabbing took place in a snowbank outside the cameras’ range.

Brogdon, 29, of Bangor, on Wednesday admitted to seeing Moore move toward Snow in the parking lot as it appeared the two men were preparing to fight. All three men knew each other, and Snow and Brogdon had dated the same woman.

Brogdon saw Moore swing at Snow and tried to keep them from fighting but failed, he said. He did not see that either man had a weapon.

Brogdon has not been charged in connection with Snow’s death.

“Demetrius slipped and fell back into a snowbank and Rayshaun was on top of him,” he told jurors. “Rayshaun got up and left. Demetrius stood up and walked away from the snowbank. I asked if he was okay and he told me to get away from him. I thought he was hurt but I didn’t know he was stabbed.”

Brogdon said that he started to walk away but returned when he heard people say Snow had been stabbed. He took off his shirt because he was hot and upset about what had happened but did not use it to try to stanch Snow’s bleeding, he testified. Brogdon said he left the parking lot and spoke briefly to a police officer as he arrived.

In addition to Brogdon, Moore’s ex-girlfriend, 37-year-old Theresa Parker of Portland took the stand, saying that Moore told her between 2:20 and 3 a.m. on Feb. 1, 2020, that “he had just caught a body and the police were going to be looking for him.”

Parker was living on Spring Street in Bangor with Christina “Tina” Gleitz, 39, she told jurors Wednesday. She dated Moore until a few days before Snow’s death, she said.

Parker said that Moore, Snow and other friends were partying the evening of Jan. 31, 2020, in her bedroom, which she still shared with Moore. Gleitz asked them to leave between 8:30 and 9 p.m. because they were loud and she needed to put her 6-year-old son to bed.

Moore left with the others but returned before midnight after a fist fight with Snow in the Half Acre parking lot. She testified that he had a cut lip and was upset that his friends had not protected him. Parker told jurors that Moore then left again.

Parker also identified the murder weapon as a knife that belonged to Moore. Brogdon testified that he had never seen the knife before and had not touched it.

Snow was stabbed seven times but died as a result of a wound to his heart, Dr. Lisa Funte, Maine’s deputy chief medical examiner, testified Tuesday.

Before the trial began, Moore rejected an offer that he plead guilty to murder in exchange for a sentence of 38 years, according to lawyers.

The trial is set to resume Thursday morning with testimony from law enforcement officers who worked on the case. A verdict is expected Friday or early next week.

If convicted, Moore faces between 25 years and life in prison.