A calico lobster. Credit: Tony LaCasse / New England Aquarium

A rare calico lobster will live out his life at a Virginia museum after being rescued from the dinner menu at Red Lobster.

The lobster, named Freckles, was delivered to the Manassas restaurant from Maine on April 25. Right away, restaurant workers recognized Freckles wasn’t just an ordinary crustacean, according to CNN.

“Calico-colored lobsters like Freckles are so rare, it was almost unbelievable that we received one,” a Red Lobster spokesperson told CNN. “We are so proud of our employees for recognizing that Freckles was so special — and for reaching out so we could make arrangements for rescue.”

While lobsters typically have dark blue or greenish-brown shells, it’s not unusual to see a lobster that doesn’t fit that mold to rise to the surface. Calico-colored lobsters aren’t the rarest — that honor goes to the split colored and albino — but they are only hauled up once out of every 30 million lobsters.

The company reached out to the Virginia Living Museum in Newport News, and museum employees picked up Freckles, who will undergo a quarantine before moving into a public exhibit in the Chesapeake Bay Gallery, according to CNN.

“We hope Freckles brings lots of joy to guests of the museum and lives a long and wonderful life,” the Red Lobster spokesperson told CNN.

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