The parents of a child who was allegedly exposed to drugs and found wandering alone at the Rockland Ferry Terminal last month have been charged with drug and child endangerment crimes.

The 3-year-old’s parents, Paul Mahonen Jr., 43, and Nicole Caven-Gardner, 32, both of Knox, were arrested following the event. Caven-Gardner was charged with endangering the welfare of a child and Mahonen was charged with aggravated drug trafficking, according to the Rockland Police Department.

The couple was arrested shortly after the April 27 incident. Rockland Police Chief Chris Young said the press release was delayed because of an ongoing investigation.

On April 27, ferry workers called the police after they found the child wandering the parking lot of the Rockland Ferry Terminal alone around 9 a.m. Police posted a picture of the child on the department Facebook page in an attempt to identify parents or guardians.

When the child was taken to receive medical care, it was determined that the child had been exposed to illegal drugs, according to police. Initially, the Maine Department of Health and Human Services took the child into custody. The child has since been released into the custody of a family member.

Police were able to locate the child’s parents at a local hotel with a “large amount” of cocaine and fentanyl. Police believe it was one of these drugs that the child had been exposed to, though Young did not know which.

The investigation is ongoing and police expect additional charges to be filed against Mahonen and Caven-Gardner.