Annie the moose died May 29 of natural causes after living in the Maine Wildlife Park in Gray for the last 12 years. In a Facebook post the park said she will be deeply missed. Credit: Courtesy of the Maine Wildlife Park

Annie, a famed moose that lived in Maine’s Wildlife Park for the last 12 years, died last week from natural causes.

In a Facebook post May 29, the park announced Annie’s death and said she will be greatly missed.

“The staff at the Maine Wildlife Park are deeply saddened by the loss, recognizing that Annie was more than just a moose to us and the thousands of people from around the world who visited her at the park,” the park posted. “She served as a link between her species and our own by capturing the hearts of people everywhere.”

Park Superintendent Howie Powell told the Lakes Region Weekly that Annie came to the park as an orphan and that moose typically live for 10 years in captivity.

“She was very easy to read, you didn’t have to guess what she was thinking,” Powell told the paper. “She had a lot of personality, she really did.”

The park serves as a home for more than 30 species of animals that can’t return to the wild injured or orphaned or dependent on humans.

On Facebook, commenters from all over the world shared their experiences and stories of Annie.

“I’m in my 40’s, and I have to say it was one of the most incredible moments of my life to meet Annie in person two years ago. I had never seen a moose, and I spend 90% of my car rides in Maine looking for moose in the woods,” one woman commented. “Thank you for caring for her and allowing us to meet her. She was so special, and you are special for helping her and having that bond with her.”

Another person commented, “I love you, Annie! See you on the other side!”

The death of Annie is the third in a string of recent moose deaths at the park with a 1-year-old that died in July 2019 and a 15-year-old that died in February 2019, the paper reported.

There is still one moose at the park named Byron.

Annie was buried by staff in the park cemetery.

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