In this Tuesday, April 20, 2021, file photo, a man wearing a cannabis costume hands out marijuana cigarettes in New York during a "Joints for Jabs" event, where adults who showed their COVID-19 vaccination cards received a free joint. Credit: Mark Lennihan / AP

SEATTLE, WA — Washington state says licensed marijuana stores can offer free joints to promote coronavirus vaccine clinics.

The “Joints for Jabs” program announced by state officials Monday will permit pot retail shops to give away a single pre-rolled joint to anyone over 21 who gets a shot at an on-site vaccine clinic by July 12.

The state already lets breweries, wineries and restaurants offer free drinks in exchange for proof of vaccination. Other incentives include free sports tickets and prize money of up to $1 million.

The idea is to persuade more people to become vaccinated. Gov. Jay Inslee intends to lift all pandemic restrictions at the end of the month, or sooner if 70 percent of those over 16 have received at least a first vaccine dose.