In this Sept. 24, 2013, file photo, artist Robert Indiana, known for his "LOVE" artwork series, poses in front of that painting at New York's Whitney Museum of American Art. Credit: Lauren Casselberry / AP

The estate of Robert Indiana has settled a lawsuit filed against the late artist in 2018 by the Morgan Art Foundation.

The Morgan Art Foundation sued Indiana for copyright infringement just days before the artist died on Vinalhaven Island, but his estate continued to engage in a costly legal battle. The estate’s attorney and the Morgan Art foundation announced on Friday morning that paperwork had been filed to dismiss the lawsuit, the Associated Press Reported.

Indiana became well known for his “LOVE” design, which was turned into a statue, put on postage stamps and has been translated into Hebrew.

The artist’s work became entangled in legal issues when the Morgan Art Foundation claimed that his estate was taking advantage of the late artist, and that the estate’s attorney James Brannan was not entitled to decide the final outcome for Indiana’s intellectual property.

Indiana worked with the Morgan Art Foundation and signed contracts with the foundation that allowed it to determine how to reproduce and distribute Indiana’s work.

The legal battle sought to determine whether the Morgan Art Foundation or Brannan had the right to the final say on how to distribute Indiana’s work.

Since the suit has been settled, the Morgan Art Foundation will partner with Indiana’s Star of Hope nonprofit foundation to preserve and promote Indiana’s work for the future.

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