A Progress Pride flag was stolen from Old Soul Collective in Skowhegan Saturday, causing community members to step up in support. Credit: Courtesy of Jessica Stetson

The Skowhegan shop owner, who rallied the community when a Pride flag was stolen from outside her boutique, closed her doors temporarily after she received a threatening message.

The message, which showed “clearly [a] wish to harm me,” caused Jessica Stetson, owner of Old Soul Collective, to relocate her family for at least a day, the Waterville Morning Sentinel reported.

“I just felt really violated after the voicemail,” she told the newspaper. “I still do … You know, I have three babies to protect, not to mention I work alone in a town where there are people who don’t want me there.”

Rather than the shop’s phone, the threat was left on Steson’s personal cellphone, causing her to worry that the person may have obtained her home address when finding her number. The message was sent at 6:30 a.m. Wednesday.

A Morning Sentinel reporter who covered the initial story, when the Pride flag was stolen from outside the boutique, also received derogatory and threatening emails, including one that suggested supporters of Pride and minority groups “should all be shot.”

Skowhegan police are investigating the threats.

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Matt Berg

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