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Four people were arrested during the week of July 5 on charges related to drug trafficking, the Brewer Police Department reported.

Alexander Moleon, 29, whose address is unknown, was stopped by Brewer Police in his vehicle near North Main Street on Monday, July 5. Moleon was operating the vehicle while his license was suspended. Brewer police conducted a search of his vehicle, and found heroin and Suboxone.

Moleon was charged with aggravated trafficking of scheduled drugs, violating release conditions and operating after suspension.

Brewer police continued the investigation on July 8, and executed a search warrant at 207 North Main Street, where heroin and methamphetamine were found.

Nichole Kelley, 41, of Brewer was charged with trafficking in Class B illegal drugs and violating conditions of release.

Shelley McDougal, 47, whose address is unknown, was charged with unlawful possession of Class C scheduled drugs and violating release conditions.

Matthew Cuff, 44, whose address is also unknown, was charged with violating release conditions.

The North Main Street residence is located near the Brewer Riverwalk Trail, which is a designated Safe Zone. Drug trafficking within 1,000 feet of the trail can result in higher penalties, and the Brewer Police Department said that charges may be increased as the investigation continues.  

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