In this April 14, 2020, file photo, a sign is seen outside the Central Maine Power Belfast Service Center. Credit: Natalie Williams / BDN

Central Maine Power threatened to disconnect Buckfield’s fire station last month after the utility said the town did not pay its electric bill.

On June 30, a CMP worker arrived at the fire station to disconnect its electricity because of the unpaid bill, according to the Lewiston Sun Journal.

Buckfield officials told CMP a check was mailed June 9 for the bill with a due date of June 14. A CMP spokesperson said Friday that the utility attempted to reach the town by phone to discuss the overdue bill before sending the worker out last month.

CMP agreed to delay the disconnection while the town investigated the situation. Buckfield eventually made an electronic payment to avoid losing power at the public safety building, the newspaper reported.

The next day, Buckfield received a letter from CMP containing the check , saying it was rejected for lacking an account number, according to the Journal.

In response, Buckfield filed a complaint with the Maine Public Utilities Commission, which is investigating the matter.

“It’s hard to believe CMP would shut down a critical public safety facility with no notice and due to an error on their part,” Buckfield’s interim town manager, Bradley Plante, told the newspaper.

Buckfield is northwest of Lewiston.