About 200 biodegradable orange balloons are lifted by the breeze in honor and recognition of those who served in Vietnam and were affected by Agent Orange during fifth annual Memorial Day ceremony at the South Florida National Cemetery in Lake Worth, Florida, Monday, May 28, 2012. Credit: Taylor Jones / Palm Beach Post via Tribune Content Agency

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — Rhode Island has banned the release of large numbers of balloons in a move to protect wildlife.

Under a new law signed Friday by Gov. Dan McKee, the state will prohibit anyone from intentionally releasing 10 or more helium or other lighter-than-air balloons outdoors.

Supporters say balloon releases are an environmental nuisance that poses a serious threat to birds, marine animals and other wildlife that ingest or become entangled in balloon litter. Violators face a fine of $100 when the new rule takes effect in November.

The new law won’t impact hot-air balloons, indoor balloon releases or scientific and weather research.