Several streets in the Old Port will temporarily close as part of the city’s outdoor dining and retail program. Credit: CBS 13

The Portland City Council will meet Monday night to discuss several issues, including the design of a proposed homeless shelter.

The agreement will formalize the partnership between the city and developers collaborating to design the “modernized” shelter on Riverside Street.

In June, the Housing and Economic Development Committee voted unanimously to recommend the partnership.

The meeting will be held virtually.

The city council will also vote on ending the city’s state of emergency. If passed, it would take effect on July 29.

Gov. Janet Mills ended the statewide civil emergency last month.

Monday’s vote could affect workers in Portland who are currently earning hazard pay due to the city’s state of emergency still being in effect.

The council will also consider extending outdoor dining to Nov. 1 even if the state of emergency ends. Stores and restaurants would not face any additional fees for taking up space for sidewalk service.

The proposed extension would need five affirmative votes to pass.