SANFORD, Maine — Authorities in Maine said the caretaker of a farm that was home to dozens of neglected animals has surrendered custody of most of them to the state.

The animals were seized from the Sanford farm on July 14. Officials said a woman rescued the animals, but was unable to keep up with their care.

The Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry’s Animal Welfare Program seized 20 horses, 11 chickens, two pigs, six dogs, six cats, three rats and a few lizards from the farm. The department said Wednesday the woman surrendered custody of all but two dogs and two cats during a hearing.

The woman acknowledged an inability to care for the animals and received a lifetime animal possession ban, the department said. She is able to ask the court to amend the ban in five years. The department said she does not face criminal charges.

The agriculture department said individuals interested in adopting the animals should check shelter websites in the coming days for availability. The animals are getting the medical care they need, the department said.