A Lewiston man won’t be prosecuted after his pit bull mauled a 71-year-old woman in her yard in April.

David Davis, 35, was facing charges of keeping a dangerous dog, keeping an unlicensed dog and allowing a dog to be at large, according to the Lewiston Sun Journal.

He would have been fined if convicted. But District Attorney Andrew Robinson told the Sun Journal that the court fines would have taken compensation away from the victim, Constance Veilleux, who has undergone extensive surgery to repair her injuries.

Veilleux was raking the yard of her Helen Street home at about 11:14 a.m. April 15 when the dog attacked her, knocking her to the ground and biting her. She lost consciousness before police arrived at the scene, a Lewiston police spokesperson said at the time.

The responding officer noticed the severity of the attack as Veilleux shouted that the dog is “killing me,” and attempted to stun the dog, which stopped the attack momentarily.

The dog then attempted to bite the officer before returning to attacking Veilleux, biting her face and neck.

Fearing for Veilleux’s life, the officer shot the dog in its side. The dog bit her once more before it ran off a short distance and died.

Veilleux was taken to Central Maine Medical Center, where she was treated for arm, face, leg and neck injuries.

She has had five surgeries, including one last week when a bone was taken from her hip and put in Veilleux’s arm, the Sun Journal reported. Veilleux is undergoing rehabilitation and is scheduled for a sixth surgery next week.