Eleven unrefrigerated bodies were discovered at Affordable Cremation Solutions in Lewiston in June. Credit: Virginia Mayo / AP

LEWISTON, Maine — Maine residents have sued a Lewiston cremation business, alleging that the business, Affordable Cremation Solution, allowed the bodies of family members to decompose without refrigeration.

The business was shut down and its funeral licenses were suspended in June by the state Board of Funeral Service, which said it found unrefrigerated bodies stacked in its basement, the Sun-Journal reported last week.

The lawsuit brought against Affordable Cremation Solution by six Mainers said that the business violated its contract with the families and intentionally inflicted emotional distress on families who trusted it to handle remains with care.

After the investigation spearheaded by state regulators in the spring, they accused owner Kenneth Kincer and his business of unprofessional conduct.

Investigators also cited a public health violation because they found an odor of decomposition and the unrefrigerated bodies of 11 people in the basement of the business, the newspaper said.

Kincer’s attorney has declined to comment.