A giant rubber ducky floats in Belfast Harbor, Tuesday, Aug, 17, 2021, in Belfast, Maine. Credit: Kenn Tompkins / New England Cable News via AP

A 25-foot tall, bright yellow duck that won over the hearts of many while it was moored in Belfast Harbor last week has left just as suddenly as it appeared.

The duck, whose origin story is still unknown, was removed from the harbor sometime Saturday night, according to Belfast Harbor Master Katherine Given. She suspects the duck was removed due to concerns regarding Tropical Storm Henri.

Regardless, she said folks were sad to see the duck’s tenure in the harbor come to an end.

“Most people loved it. They really were rather upset when it left,” Given said. “It was fun while it lasted.”

The duck ― which had the word “Joy” printed on the front of it ― appeared mysteriously during the overnight hours of Saturday Aug. 14. It remains unclear who exactly is responsible for its arrival, though the harbor master received an anonymous letter from someone claiming to be responsible for placing the duck in the harbor.

“JOY simply is fowl play. In this day in age of such bitter divisiveness in our country, we wanted to put forth a reminder of our commonalities instead of our differences. Nothing embodies childhood more than being in a warm bath with your rubber ducky – the joy of not having a care in the world other than having to remember to wash behind our ears,” the letter stated.

The letter indicated that after departing Belfast, the duck might land somewhere else.

During its week in Belfast, it attracted much fanfare, from onlookers in Belfast and media outlets across the country.

Given said she doesn’t know who removed the duck Saturday night. It is unclear if the duck will return.