Lewiston will reconsider this week whether to impose a mask mandate in schools. Credit: Courtesy of Lewiston Public Schools

One of Maine’s largest cities will reconsider its stance on face masks in schools.

Masks are currently optional in the Lewiston School District, but that could change Thursday when school committee members hold an emergency meeting.

Depending on the result, there could be a reversal and all Lewiston public school students would have to start off the year with masks required.

The emergency meeting comes after tug of war in the district over this face mask policy.

Initially, on Aug. 2, the committee voted to make masks optional. Then, on Aug. 16, the committee chose not to reconsider the optional masking.

Since then, the committee has heard from many parents and community members in favor of a mask mandate.

The emergency meeting will happen at 5:30 p.m. Thursday at Connors Elementary School, according to the Lewison Sun Journal.

If the mask policy does change, Lewiston would join a growing number of districts that will require masks this fall.