In this Aug, 17, 2021, file photo, a giant rubber ducky floats in Belfast Harbor. Harbor Master. Credit: Kenn Tompkins / New England Cable News via AP

The 25-foot-tall duck that mysteriously appeared ― and then disappeared ― in Belfast last week has resurfaced.

The duck was rumored to have originated from Islesboro and it appears it has retreated back to its nest. The giant yellow duck was spotted along the coast of the small island community on Tuesday, according to CBS affiliate WGME.

Nearly two weeks after it first appeared in Belfast, little is known about who is responsible for the duck, which has the word “Joy” emblazoned across its chest. Belfast’s harbormaster received an anonymous letter from a group claiming to be responsible for the duck.

The letter claimed that the duck was meant to spark joy and evoke the careless feeling of being a child in the bathtub with a rubber ducky.