Attorney General Aaron Frey, shown in this Dec. 2020 file photo.

PRESQUE ISLE, Maine — The Maine attorney General’s office has decided not to bring civil rights actions against a white woman who allegedly tried to hit a Black man with her car in a parking lot in July.

The case involved Michael Stiggle, a 50-year-old Black man from Mars Hill who said that a white woman had tried to hit him and his two nephews with her car in the parking lot of the Presque Isle Walmart. The woman, identified as Marissa Wright, 28, from Blaine, had taken to social media to claim Stiggle had attempted to sexually assault her.

Upon reviewing security footage and an investigation, the Presque Isle Police Department concluded that Wright’s assault claims were false and she was charged with driving to endanger in the parking lot incident.

The investigation materials were then sent to the attorney general’s office to review at the request of Stiggle, who viewed Wright’s actions as discriminatory.

The attorney general’s office declined to say why they chose not to pursue it as a civil rights case. Stiggle also declined to comment on the decision.