Knox County Sheriff's Office Credit: Lauren Abbate / BDN

A Vinalhaven man pleaded guilty Thursday to charges of criminal mischief and discharging a firearm after he was originally charged with more serious crimes related to firing a gun into an occupied pickup truck.

Dorian Ames, 28, is accused of firing a gun into a pickup truck because he believed a man he had argued with was inside, according to the Village Soup. There was a woman in the truck, but she was not injured.

The man who was one of the alleged victims now says he does not remember what happened last night, and the woman in the truck has expressed doubts about the identity of the shooter, leading to a plea agreement where Ames plead to the lesser charges.

Ames was initially charged with reckless conduct with a dangerous weapon, illegal possession of a firearm, and criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon, according to the Village Soup. Those charges were dismissed in the plea agreement.

Ames was also a suspect in the stabbing death of Roger Feltis on Vinalhaven in 2020. A grand jury failed to indict him in that case.