Wrangling a deer out of a swimming pool Monday morning was a first for Old Town police Officer Catherine Denning.

Denning, who has been with the Old Town police for two years, was on duty Monday when the department received an unusual call from the Maine Warden Service, asking if an Old Town officer could go to a local home to get a deer out of a pool.

In a video shared on Facebook, Denning can be seen trying to pull the deer to the edge of the pool as it struggles, the deer squealing in the process. But then the animal relents and Denning is able to pull the flailing animal from the water.

It wasn’t the easiest feat, she said.

“I just hooked the deer around the neck — and I know it looks bad, but I promise the deer is fine,” Denning said.

The homeowner initially called the Warden Service after she saw a deer balancing on top of her swimming pool cover. But when she tried to pull the deer with the cover, the animal jumped into the water, which prompted the call to 911, according to an Old Town Police Department post on Facebook.

When Denning arrived, the homeowner helped corral the animal toward her, the officer said.

“We all carry catch poles in our cruisers, usually for things like stray dogs, to catch those,” Denning said. “So, I definitely wasn’t going to jump in the pool to try to save this deer.”

After she got the deer out of the water, it ran off into the woods, seemingly fine, Denning said.

Although not a typical call, it wasn’t Denning’s only animal rescue Monday. Later that day she assisted the animal control officer with removing a can from a cat’s head, Denning said.

Denning said she was just happy to help.

“We see everything, so we’re just happy to help when we can,” she said.

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Sawyer Loftus

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