PORTLAND, Maine — Police have released the names of an officer and the attempted burglary suspect he shot early Saturday morning.

Officer Nevin Rand of the Portland Police Department investigated a reported burglary at 5:24 a.m. Saturday. The burglary was “in the area of the Preble Street Soup Kitchen” at 252 Oxford Street, police said.

Rand “attempted to speak with” a man later identified as Edward C. Hyman. During the encounter, Rand shot Hyman.

It is unclear how the interaction escalated. Inquiries to the police department were not immediately returned.

Hyman was taken to Maine Medical Center for non-life threatening injuries, and will be charged with criminal threatening and failure to submit to arrest or detention.

The attorney general’s office is investigating the shooting. Rand, a Portland police officer since 2018, has been placed on administrative leave.

Assistant police chief Heath Gorman said that police withheld information since Saturday to allow Hyman to recover and to notify his family.

“To ensure the integrity of the investigation no further details will be released at this time,” Gorman said. “When appropriate, the department will release further information.”

Gorman will formally assume interim police chief duties on November 2. Chief Frank Clark is leaving the position.