House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California, joins other Democratic members on the House floor late Friday in Washington, as the House approves a $1 trillion package of road and other infrastructure projects after Democrats resolved a months-long standoff between progressives and moderates, notching a victory that President Joe Biden and his party had become increasingly anxious to claim. Credit: House Television via AP

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It is good to see a common-sense, bipartisan infrastructure bill in Congress that will help create jobs, grow businesses and build a stronger, cleaner future for communities across Maine and throughout the nation. It is even better knowing how hard Sen. Susan Collins has fought throughout these ongoing infrastructure discussions to ensure this bill reflects Maine’s critical needs and priorities. That includes investments in developing our clean energy capabilities, technologies, and resources as part of America’s all-of-the-above energy strategy.

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will attract significant funding to our state for renewable and clean energy projects that will help power growth in this rapidly expanding sector, translating to good-paying, 21st-century jobs for Mainers and new opportunities for businesses and industries across our economy.

Importantly, this bipartisan infrastructure bill is just that — an infrastructure bill. Republican leaders, including Collins, fought hard to negotiate a bill that is solely focused on America’s infrastructure priorities, not one that is padded with additional spending on social programs or non-traditional infrastructure interests.

After months of work and negotiations, I applaud the Senate and House for passing this much-needed legislation. Maine communities and our economy will benefit from these critical investments that will modernize our nation’s infrastructure to support a stronger, more sustainable tomorrow.

Lisa York


Maine Federation of Republican Women