Lucas Sirois exits the Margaret Chase Smith Federal Building in Bangor after his first court appearance on charges related to an alleged conspiracy to use medical marijuana grow houses in western Maine to illegally sell $13 million of the drug in and out of Maine. Credit: Sawyer Loftus / AP

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How could anyone have missed the headlines? Recently, someone I know well has been in the eyes of the media and the government. Luke Sirois has been portrayed as guilty without even the opportunity to provide his side of the story.

The allegations — note ‘allegations’ — against Luke and his partners were filed by the federal government on what I think is really a state issue.

In my opinion, I think they’re trying to make an example because of his efforts in pushing for medical marijuana laws as well as recreational use of marijuana. Both are  legal in Maine – period.

I believe that the government always makes more out of the situation than it is, and the media blows everything up and runs with it. I don’t think the government has made its case and I believe this an attempt to stop small businesses from making any type of a real living. To my knowledge Luke was in compliance with state regulations. Remember you are innocent until proven guilty.

Sandy Mcalpine