A Kia is totaled after being struck in a crash that killed two of the occupants of another vehicle in Hampden on Thursday. Laura Brissette had been driving with her husband, Clifton Foster, in the passenger's seat. Credit: Courtesy of Clifton Foster

Laura Brissette and her husband were headed back to their Hampden home Thursday night after seeing the new “Ghostbusters” film when they encountered a speeding vehicle coming toward them as they turned.

While Brissette, who was driving, and her husband Clifton Foster ended up with only minor injuries, their car was totaled in a crash that killed​ two men by the Grist Mill Bridge on Route 1A in Hampden.

“By the time we realized they were coming around the corner, they were hitting us,” Foster said Friday afternoon as he and Brissette processed the events of the night before.

The bodies of Christian Broberg, 22, of Winterport and Tyler Wheaton, 23, of Hampden were found in the water several hundred yards from their vehicle, which hit Brissette and Foster’s Kia before crashing through a guardrail and ending up in Souadabscook Stream, police said.

Brissette was turning left from Coldbrook Road onto Main Road North. She waited for three cars to cross the bridge and make their way up the hill before turning, Foster said.

As she pulled out, both noticed headlights coming toward them at what Foster described as “highway speeds” on a stretch of road where the speed limit is 35 mph.

“Basically, I was wondering what they were doing, because they came incredibly fast,” Foster said.

Just as he thought that, the speeding car crossed the center line and crashed into their vehicle, which by then had nearly completed its turn, Foster.

Broberg and Wheaton’s car, a 2005 Subaru, hit the left rear door of Brissette and Foster’s Kia, tearing the axle and bumper off, Foster said. It sent the car spinning, turning by nearly 180 degrees, Foster said. The vehicle was totaled.

There was another woman driving in front of Brissette and Foster. She swerved out of the way to avoid a head-on collision with Broberg and Wheaton’s vehicle before it hit the couple’s Kia, Foster said.

She apologized to the couple afterward, but Foster said he was happy they were all OK.

The crash left him and his wife shaken, but happy they weren’t badly injured. It could have been much worse had the car hit somewhere different, Foster said.

“Ultimately, we’re fine,” Foster said. “Some bumps and bruisers, but other than that, we’re OK.”

He said he sympathized with the families of both victims, especially because the crash occurred just a week before Thanksgiving. Broberg and Wheaton were both 2017 graduates of Hampden Academy.

“It’s a shame,” Foster said. “That’s really what it boils down to.”

Brissette, who did not wish to speak about the crash, was on the phone with the couple’s insurance company on Friday afternoon, Foster said. The couple had owned the Kia for about three years.

Foster said he and Brissette would continue to track developments on what happened with the crash. A police investigation is ongoing.

“A couple inches to the left and she could be in the hospital right now,” Foster said, “so, I’d like to know at least what was going on.”