Scarborough dispatcher Amanda Marden helped a family deliver a healthy baby boy on Monday. Credit: Scarborough Police Department via CBS 13

SCARBOROUGH — As you can imagine, not every 911 call ends with a happy story, but this one did.

On Monday, Scarborough dispatcher Amanda Marden answered a 911 call from a family in Old Orchard Beach requesting medical assistance for a woman in active labor.

Marden, who is a certified and licensed emergency medical dispatcher, provided instructions to the caller to assist the woman while first responders headed to the family’s home to help, Scarborough police said.

But before first responders arrived, Marden helped the family deliver a healthy baby boy.

“To everyone’s delight, the baby boy could be heard crying over the 911 line. This is one of the times where crying heard on a 911 line is a welcome and happy sound. Dispatcher Marden provided critical instructions to the now two patients, to ensure their safety until responders could arrive,” Scarborough police said.

Shortly after birth, first responders arrived and took over care for both the mother and baby boy.

“Dispatcher Marden’s calm demeanor, precise, compassionate and appropriate instructions, all provided not only critical life safety care, but a soft, confident and reassuring voice to the caller, the mother and the new baby boy,” Scarborough police said.

Mom and baby are healthy and recovering.

For her actions, Marden has been nominated to receive the Stork Award from the Maine Emergency Medical Services Bureau and has been accepted into the “Stork Club” of the International Academy of Emergency Dispatch, officials said.

“Dispatchers like Amanda are here for you, every minute of every day, ready, willing and able to help in any way they can,” Scarborough police said.