Affordable Cremation Solutions Credit: CBS 13

The owner of a now closed Lewiston crematorium allegedly told an employee to keep accepting remains — despite not having the capacity to do so — because the business “needed money.”

In July, 11 unrefrigerated bodies were found at Affordable Cremation Solutions — at least eight of which had been stored in a room since mid-May. The business was shut down and Kenneth Kincer, the owner, had his license suspended for failing to follow state rules.

New court documents filed on Wednesday claim that the business engaged in conduct so “grotesque and egregious” that the storage of the bodies was motivated by “ill will or malice,” the Lewiston Sun Journal reported.

The lawsuit also alleges that although the business had no plans for cremating or storing the bodies in an appropriate manner, business employees continued taking the remains. Kincer also never filed paperwork to have the bodies transported to another funeral home or crematorium, the newspaper reported.

In a recent deposition, Michael Bickford, a part-time employee at Affordable Cremation Solutions — grew “increasingly concerned” with business operations and that Kincer told him that the reason why he instructed employees to take in bodies was because the  business “needed the money,” the newspaper reported.

Citing that deposition, the recent filing also alleges that Kincer showed “hostility and contempt” to family members who became worried about their loved one’s remains.

However, Kincer has previously issued a statement through his attorney apologizing to the families of the people whose bodies were in his care, saying he was dealing with depression and alcoholism.