A roadrunner rests at Avian Haven, a bird rehab facility on Nov. 14, 2021 in Freedom, Maine. The bird hitched a ride in the storage area of a moving van from Las Vegas to Westbrook, Maine. Volunteers took the bird to a bird rehabilitation facility in Maine. Credit: Terry Heitz / Avian Haven via AP

A roadrunner that traveled undetected from Nevada to Maine in a moving van is back in its home state.

The wayward bird flew in a pet carrier from Boston to Las Vegas last week. From there, it was delivered to officials with the Nevada Department of Wildlife, according to Avian Haven, a nonprofit bird rehabilitation center in Freedom.

The roadrunner, a bird species made popular as the foil to cartoon character Wile E. Coyote, was a blur in a video taken of it exiting its carrier and flitting away to freedom.

“The roadrunner bolted from the carrier and disappeared into his old neighborhood,” Avian Haven said.

All told, the bird covered more than 5,000 miles. It traveled east in a moving van that covered 2,800 miles before returning to Nevada on a Delta Air Lines flight on Nov. 23.