Two men have been charged with receiving stolen property and possession of burglary tools after Penobscot County sheriff’s deputies allegedly found them with a suspected stolen catalytic converter and tools used in burglaries.

The men were stopped about 6:44 a.m. Friday on the River Road in Orrington, according to the sheriff’s office.

Marty Ashworth, 48, of Stockton Springs and Travis King, 43, of Bucksport were issued summonses, according to the sheriff department. 

“The theft of catalytic converters remains a serious issue throughout the state,” the sheriff’s department said. “These senseless crimes are victimizing many, costing citizens thousands of dollars and aggravation. These crimes will be fully investigated and prosecuted to the fullest.”

There have been a rash of catalytic converter thefts from cars in the Stockton Springs area, according to Tom Gocze, owner of American Solar Technics Cars. He said Tuesday that three catalytic converters had been stolen from three cars at his business in the previous three days, and that about 25 catalytic converters had been stolen on one recent night in the area.

Ashworth and King have not been linked to those thefts.

It can cost more than $1,000 to replace a catalytic converter, Gocze said.