Bangor High School. Credit: Gabor Degre / BDN

Police are investigating a threatening message found at Bangor High School on Tuesday.

The Bangor School Department told parents about the threat in an automated voice message on Tuesday afternoon. Department spokesperson Ray Phinney was able to reveal little about the threat except that it was graffiti-style and written in pencil. The Bangor Police Department is investigating, he said.

“We want to make sure we’re as transparent as possible with our families,” Phinney said, “to make sure that there’s a sense of safety, that everything is under control.”

The school department still plans to hold classes as scheduled on Wednesday, though there may be an added police presence, Phinney said.

The message comes amid increased fears of threats in schools in Maine as well as nationwide. Just last month, police were called to the Fairmount School after finding a written threat that they deemed not credible.

Phinney said he was not at liberty to say what the message was because of the ongoing police investigation.

The Bangor School Department is following the Bangor Police Department’s lead, and police had not advised Superintendent James Tager to cancel classes, Phinney said.

“We’re being cautious like we all do when we get these types of messages,” he said.