A Shapleigh man was taken into custody at a home on Shapleigh Corner Road on Tuesday following a 24-hour manhunt , according to the York County Sheriff’s Office.

Brandon Mahoney, 25, fled his mother’s home at 476 Shapleigh Corner Road around 4:30 p.m. Monday after a domestic violence incident, officials said.

Because Mahoney was armed with a firearm and other tactical gear, and due to his past history of violence, classes at Shapleigh Elementary School were canceled and town officials closed the town hall while officials searched for him overnight.

A search warrant was issued for his mother’s home and a tactical team was issued after several attempts to contact Mahoney for his surrender. He was found hiding in a shower stall before surrendering, officials said.

Numerous firearms, ammo, tactical gear and other simulation firearms were seized from the home and Mahoney was taken to York County Jail.

Mahoney is charged with domestic violecence assault, domestic violence terrorizing, criminal restraint and violating condidtions of release (from a May 2021 domestic violence incident) and is not eligible for bail, officials said.