An African serval named Bruno is seen Wednesday in Boston. The wild cat was captured last week in a backyard in Lincoln, Massachusetts, by the MSPCA-Angell's Community Outreach team. Credit: Courtesy of MSPCA via AP

BOSTON — An African serval cat found injured in a Boston suburb last week will go to a wild cat sanctuary in Minnesota if an amputation proceeds as anticipated.

The male cat, dubbed Bruno, will go to The Wildcat Sanctuary in Sandstone, Minnesota, where he will join 15 other serval cats, according to MSPCA, a humane society, The Springfield Republican reported

The cat was found in a backyard in Lincoln, Massachusetts, with a back limb broken in two places, and a team from the MSPCA successfully captured it, according to the organization.

Serval cats are not allowed to be owned in Massachusetts except by zoos with a permit, the organization said. It was not microchipped and had no tags.

Before going on to the sanctuary, the cat will undergo an operation to amputate its back leg, which the MSPCA said will give it the best chance of living without pain.