The town of Hermon has seen significant growth over the years. Credit: Linda Coan O'Kresik

By Wanda Curtis

While many Maine businesses have been negatively impacted by the pandemic, business in Hermon has been booming.  Director of Economic
and Community Development Scott Perkins said that Hermon is one of
the fastest growing communities in Maine, per capita, with strong growth
in residential home construction, commercial and industrial business expans-
ion, and new business building projects.   He said that local businesses have
met the challenge of the pandemic by adding services and refining their
approaches to market conditions.

“Major investments from businesses offering new services or growing
their market share have kept Hermon busy with economic development
projects in the industrial zone and village commercial area,” said Perkins.
“New business growth remains strong with several recently completed
projects and new projects underway in our community.”

According to Perkins, some of those projects have included new construction by

Hopkins Paving, LLC to provide support for offices and garages, as well as space 

for the paving and milling business and new container roll-off service for demo

debris, Ellis Commercial Development constructing a Dollar General on Route 2,

Hermon Family Dental building a new location on Billings Road, Sinclair Home                                                                      Home Heating Fuels building a new location on Route 2, Northeast Cable beginning                                                                  opment of development of an industrial property in Freedom Park, and Eurovia Atlantic Coast 

LLC developing a new property on Odlin Road for liquid asphalt storage and distri-          

bution along with an aggregate sales business expansion for the region.  Matthews                                                                                        Brothers also plan to install a new major industrial manufacturing line for their win-                                                                                    dows business which could potentially result in about 50 new positions.                                                                                                                                                                                 

In addition to those projects, Maine Salt Company, Bouchard Towing, Hidden Beauty, 

Valley Home Services, Covey Physical Therapy, The Shop, and Gardner Construction 

Enterprises on Route 2 also made major investments by expanding their existing locations

in Hermon, Perkins said. 

Unlike many employers nationwide, Hermon employers have not struggled with 

employee recruitment and retention.  The many new residents moving into the area 

have contributed to the already existing strong workforce in the area, he said.

In regards to attracting new businesses, Perkins said that Hermon offers strong local

incentive programs for individuals creating new value.  Those include tax incentives,                                                                                  infrastructure installations, marketing, business equipment loan subsidies, and loan
programs with financial support for planning and site development.  He said that the 

incentive programs, in combination with the exceedingly low tax rate, logistical 

transportation advantages, available workforce, and streamlined approval processes,
provide businesses with an opportunity to succeed.  He reported that, “Giving Busi-                                                                                      nesses the Edge,” was the tag line recently adopted by the town council, planning 

board, and municipal administrators in Hermon.

The division manager of the Liquid Asphalt section of Eurovia Atlantic Coast
LLC Casey Tuttle said they chose to do business in Hermon because the town
streamlined the approval processes and also offered incentive programs.  He said

they’ve had a good working relationship with the town.

The owners of Hartford’s Auto Service relocated their business to Freedom Industrial                                                                                             Park, last year, after servicing customers in the Brewer area for many years.  Sally 

Hartford said the town of Hermon was very welcoming and supportive during the 

relocation process. She said the town kept them informed regarding local code regu-                                                                                                           

lations.  She said the town also assisted them with marketing and advertising their                                                                                     their business.  She added that the location of Freedom Industrial Park, near I-95                                                                                        and I-395, as well as the low taxes, were both factors in their decision to relocate to                                                                                   that area.  The larger building will allow them to expand and hire new employees

in the future, she said.  

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