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A Lewiston man convicted 16 years ago of sex crimes against children has died at the minimum security prison in Charleston.

Raymond Samson, 70, died about 1:35 a.m. Saturday at Mountain View Correctional Facility, according to the Maine Department of Corrections.

The Maine attorney general’s office and medical examiner’s office have been notified of his death, as is standard procedure.

In January 2006, Samson was found guilty of 18 charges stemming from sex crimes against six children, whom he photographed or filmed nude and sexually abused. He was ultimately sentenced to 42 years in prison.

The following year, another victim won a $30,000 judgment against Samson for filming himself sexually abusing the victim when his family stayed at Samson’s Lewiston home during the Ice Storm of 1998.

Later that year, the Androscoggin County Superior Court denied Samson’s appeal to suppress evidence in his 2006 convictions.