An ambulance hit a car on Main Street in Presque Isle on Monday after the driver-- who did not know the ambulance was behind him -- turned in front of it. Credit: Courtesy of Maine State Police

An ambulance hit a car on Main Street Monday morning after the car turned in front of it.

Dale Morrison, 57, of Presque Isle was southbound taking a patient to Northern Light AR Gould Hospital with the ambulance’s lights and siren on when he approached Reginal Pinette, 83, of Ashland attempting to make a left-hand turn into a driveway, officials said.

Morrison, unaware that Pinette was turning, proceeded to pass him on the left. Meanwhile Pinette, who did not hear or see the ambulance, turned left in front of Morrison, causing the ambulance driver to hit the center of the driver side, officials said.

The impact pushed Pinette’s car across the street and into the snowbank, causing disabling damage to the entire vehicle.

No one was injured in the crash and another ambulance was called to transport the patient Morrison was driving, officials said.