In this November 2020 file photo, an enormous, pandemic-inspired "mask up" banner hangs from Franklin Towers in Portland. Credit: Troy R. Bennett / BDN

PORTLAND, Maine — The construction of a building that is expected to become the tallest in Maine has started in the state’s largest city.

The building will be an 18-story apartment tower in Portland. Crews finished installing a 250-foot-tall crane on the building site on Thursday, the Portland Press Herald reported.

The crane is expected to be in place for about 11 months. The site is being developed by Redfern Properties. It doesn’t yet have a name.

The project will cost $70 million, the Press Herald reported. The building will ultimately be 190 feet tall. It will be 15 feet taller than Franklin Towers in Portland. That’s currently the tallest building in the state.

The apartments are expected to be ready for renters by summer or fall 2023. The Portland Planning Board approved the project in May.