LEWISTON, Maine — Police and a public works crew are credited with saving a man’s life after his arm was cut off in Lewiston Friday morning.

The name of the 25-year-old man who severed his arm is not being released at this time. It is unknown if doctors at Central Maine Medical Center were able to reattach his arm, according to the Lewiston Police Department.

“All we have heard is that he is alive and doing well,” Lewiston Public Works Director Mary Ann Brenchick said.

Witnesses saw a man stumbling along Maple Street Friday morning carrying his severed arm, which had been cut off near the shoulder, police said.

A public works crew that was working on a sidewalk saw the man, called 911, quickly applied a tourniquet and waited for medics to arrive, according to officials.

“The three guys that were there are Ryan Barry, Bob Olsen and Cam Bernard,” Brenchick said. “All of them just responded in the right way. You know, trying to calm this person down first, because you can imagine someone walking down the sidewalk, and then bringing in the tourniquet.”

Brenchick called it divine intervention that two members of the crew knew exactly what to do.

“The two guys that are arborists actually train others on chainsaw safety,” Brenchick said. “So they train others on how to do tourniquets.”

“I just did what I hope anyone else would do,” Barry said. “I’m happy to hear the gentleman is still alive and relieved to hear that he survived.”

“They were so calm about it, and they really are just very humble,” Brenchick said. “Because they just care about helping this person.”

Lewiston police say they were able to follow a trail of blood back to the business where the man’s arm was severed, AK Market.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, along with Lewiston police, have started an investigation into the incident.

“Very proud of my guys and how they responded,” Brenchick said. “You know, we get all different kinds of emergencies, but we never would have expected this.”

The last time Lewiston police checked, the man was in stable condition at CMMC.