A look down Main Street in Van Buren. Credit: Emily Jerkins / St. John Valley Times

The temperature in Van Buren dropped to a low on Tuesday that most people would not want to experience.

Van Buren reported a temperature of -33 degrees Fahrenheit, making it the coldest spot in the contiguous United States (which doesn’t include Hawaii or Alaska), according to preliminary data from the National Weather Service.

Meanwhile, the warmest temperature on Tuesday was recorded  in areas near Linn and Pharr, Texas, at 83 degrees Fahrenheit, the NWS said.

Masardis in Aroostook County almost reported the lowest temperature in the contiguous US on Monday at -27 degrees Fahrenheit, but was overtaken by Taylor Park, Colorado, where a temperature of -30 degrees Fahrenheit was reported.

Temperatures in Aroostook County are expected to rise on Wednesday to the mid to low 30s before another storm hits the state on Friday and drops them once again.