The book "It’s Perfectly Normal" has been in the York Middle School library for years, but has only now become controversial. Credit: CBS 13

A sex education book that a York resident wanted banned will stay on the shelves of the York Middle School Library.

The York School Board has voted unanimously to keep the book, “It’s Perfectly Normal.”

The book shares accurate information with a positive message about body changes and sexuality.

It also includes cartoon people engaged in sex acts.

Patsy Huntsman compared the book to pornography and tried to get it banned.

The superintendent disagreed, so Huntsman appealed to the school board and lost.

Meredith Schmid, a school board member, pointed out she’d rather have kids learn about sexuality through a book than the internet.

“I so worry that there’s going to be a kid who has a question, some physical or emotional concern that they have and they are going to Google it, and, oh my god, you can’t take it back,” Schmid said.

The York superintendent said this is the first time in four decades of working in education he’s had someone try to ban a book.