In this Dec. 31, 2021 photo provided by Zachary Holderby, a Steller's sea eagle is seen off Georgetown, Maine near a crow. Credit: Zachary Holderby / AP

There’s still no sign of a rare eagle that somehow wound up in Maine.

The Stellar’s sea eagle soared  into Maine last month, delighting bird enthusiasts who showed up from around the country to get a glimpse. The eagles can have wing spans around 8 feet wide and are native eastern Russia and Japan.

There are only an estimated 5,000 Stellar’s sea eagles left in the world, and in order to reach a good viewpoint, seekers need to go to remote locations just to get a look at one.

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“So for one to show up here in Maine really made it accessible to people who’ve never seen one before,” Maine Audubon Staff Naturalist Doug Hitchcox said. “So to have it here is, not to sound cliche, is a once-in-a-lifetime event for a lot of people.”

The bird spent most of January flying around the midcoast, and the Maine Audubon Society said the last confirmed sighting was Jan. 24.

Maine Audubon said it wouldn’t be surprised if the eagle shows up again on the midcoast or even another state.