A Hancock County man has been accused of assault and kidnapping after allegedly running over a man and attempting to leave the scene with a woman who was held against her will.

Matthew Milliken, 35, of Trenton was arrested after Ellsworth police received a call around 8 p.m. on Tuesday that a man had been stabbed and run over by a vehicle, WABI reported.

Milliken had reportedly been riding in the pickup truck when he threatened the driver. The driver exited the vehicle while it was moving, and Milliken continued to drive the vehicle, hitting and running over the man, according to WABI.

A woman who was a passenger in the back seat was still in the vehicle when Milliken reportedly ran over the man.

Ellsworth police were able to stop the vehicle on Main Street, and Milliken was arrested and charged with kidnapping, robbery and assault with a deadly weapon, WABI reported.

The driver of the truck who was run over was taken to a local hospital, while the woman who was a passenger was unharmed.

The circumstances of the situation are under investigation.

Leela Stockley is an alumna of the University of Maine. She was raised in northern Maine, and loves her cat Wesley, her puppy Percy and staying active in the Maine outdoors.