A Blue Hill man is facing criminal charges for his role in a three-car collision that killed an Ellsworth woman last summer.

Thomas Bugbee, 63, is being charged with vehicular manslaughter, Hancock County District Attorney Matthew Foster said.

Foster said the crash occurred in a 35 mph zone on Route 172 in Surry’s central village. He declined further comment.

Bugbee, a Hancock County physician, was allegedly driving a Subaru westbound on July 28, 2021, when he passed several other westbound vehicles in the eastbound lane. Bugbee was exceeding the speed limit, police said, but the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office accident summary report did not specify by how much.

In front of the local post office, Bugbee’s vehicle struck the back of a westbound Honda Civic as he re-entered the westbound lane, causing that vehicle to roll over, police said. The Subaru then spun sideways and struck the front driver’s side corner of an eastbound Chevrolet Trailblazer driven by Kathleen Anderson.

Bugbee’s Subaru then rolled over and skidded to a stop on its roof, according to the crash report.

Anderson, 66, suffered a head injury and died at the scene.

Bugbee and the people in the Civic suffered minor injuries, police said.

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