Credit: Stock Photo / Pexels

The Gorham school district is installing new cameras on every school bus in an effort to help keep students safe. Cameras have been installed in half of Gorham school district’s buses with the other half coming later this summer.

The district has received more than 50 reports in the past year about cars not stopping for school buses with their stop sign out and red flashing lights on.

The superintendent says they’ve been speaking with bus drivers and the Gorham Police Department about the best ways to improve student safety.

They have installed automated stop arm cameras that will record the license plate and the time and date of when someone passes a school bus illegally.

The data will then be shared with the police department to help them track down those drivers and issue individual violations.

The district hopes these cameras will lead to a drop in new reported violations this school year.

Passing a school bus with its stop sign and red lights on can lead to a minimum fine of $250 for the first offense.

The district says they hope the new cameras will help keep students safe on their ride to and from school.