In this March 25, 2022, file photo, a Bates College student rests in the sun on a bench by Lake Andrews on the Bates College campus in Lewiston. Credit: Russ Dillingham / Sun Journal via AP

Today is Monday. Temperatures will be in the low 40s to low 50s from north to south, with partly to mostly sunny skies throughout the state. Here’s what we’re talking about in Maine today.

The latest on the coronavirus in Maine

Another 212 COVID-19 cases were reported across the state on Saturday, according to the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention. No new deaths were reported, leaving the statewide death toll at 2,202. Check out our tracker for more information.

Pre-test entry requirements will no longer be mandatory for fully vaccinated people traveling to Canada.

Maine has reached a pandemic milestone with more than 1 million Mainers fully vaccinated against the coronavirus.

My relatives living in a war zone have their own take on how to talk to kids about Russian invasion

Although many Americans are having discussions about war with their children, Ukrainian parents have a unique perspective as they navigate a war zone.

This small western Maine town is booming with subdivisions

Developers are so confident of the current strong real estate market that they are building homes before there is a buyer and speculating the home will sell.

Maine’s housing crisis is more complex than bad zoning regulations

You need not look farther than Belfast where officials hoped zoning changes in 2014 would lead to more affordable housing, but that’s not how it unfolded.

Bangor eyes new development to combat housing crunch

But it could take several years before those changes have an effect and meet the demand for new housing.

A Yeti head and Bigfoot’s prints will be on display at new Bangor shop

The shop includes eye-popping display like Frosty, a huge sculpture of a Yeti head that’s mounted on the wall, and a replica of the Minnesota Iceman.

Potatoes may be safer from PFAS than other crops

While dairy and beef are vulnerable to “forever chemical” contamination, Maine potatoes are at a lower risk for a couple reasons.

Wildlife officials test Fairfield-area turkeys for PFAS ahead of hunting season

This comes after a “do not eat” advisory was issued for deer meat harvested in the Fairfield region last fall due to PFAS contamination.

You need to donate to farmers coping with ‘forever chemicals’ to dine at this famed Maine restaurant

The Lost Kitchen is one of the nation’s most exclusive eateries. Now you need to donate to the PFAS Emergency Relief Fund to make a reservation.

Maine is approaching the most dangerous time of year for the spread of avian flu

The spread of deadly H5N1 in five Maine counties has been blamed on wild birds, primarily water fowl, carrying it between farms or homesteads.

In the wake of hearings, Maine soldiers finally have hope for reform at national guard

“We’ve had a major breakthrough,” said Aleigh Suffern, a former sergeant who spoke up about sexual assault, “but there is a long road ahead.”

Most of Maine’s $1.2B budget surplus is spoken for. The fight for what’s left lies ahead.

With 237 bills the Legislature has passed but not yet funded vying for a slice of revenue, the stage is set for high-stakes jockeying before the session ends on April 20.

Rockland art museum looks to bring more diversity to its galleries

The Farnsworth Art Museum is incorporating more work by women, Indigenous artists and artists of color, as well as more contemporary pieces and new mediums.

In other Maine news …

Car found hanging over Millinocket trash compactor with driver still inside

Minor earthquake hits Kennebec County town

Susan Collins has been tapped to lead negotiations on a bill to reduce insulin prices

Maine company WEX severs its ties to Moscow-based energy giant LukOil

6 Texans accused of torturing Maine woman they met online

Judge bars public access to documents on search of Eliot Cutler’s Portland home

Northern Maine Fair won’t have horse racing events this year

UMaine baseball scores 45 runs during 3-game sweep in Maryland

Ellsworth is following the lead of larger cities to bring foliage to public spaces