In this Feb. 9, 2022, file photo, a passer-by adjusts her mask, left, while walking on a sidewalk in the fashionable Newbury Street neighborhood of Boston. Credit: Steven Senne / AP

State health officials reported more than 10,000 coronavirus breakthrough cases last week, as COVID-19 infection counts continue climbing while fully vaccinated hospitalizations also rose.

The count of 10,624 breakthrough infections last week was a 156 percent spike from the 4,154 fully vaccinated cases during the prior week.

The once-surging omicron variant had been retreating during the last several weeks, but health experts are now warning of the omicron BA.2 “stealth” variant. The Boston-area COVID-19 wastewater data has been rising. State health officials have been encouraging people to get a booster shot to get more protection from the variants.

Overall, 482,750 fully vaccinated people have tested positive for the virus, according to new data the state Department of Public Health released Tuesday. That’s 9 percent of the more than 5.3 million fully vaxxed people in Massachusetts.

The 482,750 overall cases is an increase of 10,624 breakthrough infections from last week — or a daily average of 1,518 fully vaccinated people testing positive.

Last Tuesday’s report showed a jump of 4,154 breakthrough cases, a daily rate of 593 fully vaccinated people testing positive.

The week before that was a rise of 4,957 infections, a daily average of 708.

The previous week was an increase of 3,892 breakthroughs, a daily total of 556.

The preceding week’s count was 2,732 cases, a daily tally of 390.

The prior week’s tally was 2,509 breakthroughs, a daily amount of 358.

There have been 8,134 hospitalizations among fully vaccinated people in Massachusetts, which represents 0.15 percent of those who are fully vaccinated.

The 8,134 total patients is a one-week increase of 133 fully vaxxed patients. That’s up from the previous weekly increase of 92 fully vaccinated patients.

The state has reported 2,244 breakthrough deaths, or 0.04 percent of those who are fully vaxxed. That’s a one-week increase of nine deaths, a tick up from eight deaths in the previous week. The overall death count was recently updated after the state adopted a new definition for COVID-19 deaths.

Story by Rick Sobey, Boston Herald.