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The marvels of Maine wildlife are seemingly unending.

That’s especially true for some of us who live in town and simply don’t have the opportunity to see some of our incredible creatures in the wild.

Not that you necessarily will have a very long look at a Canada lynx, should you even be lucky enough cross paths with one.

That’s why we’re lucky to be able to live vicariously through the efforts of wildlife video guru Allie Ladd of Byron, whose tenacity and skill in capturing images in the wild continue to amaze.

Today, we have more of Ladd’s footage of lynx in action. In both of the clips, the animals exhibit some house cat-like behavior as they try to shake off water and snow from their fur.

First, the still photo shows a lynx that clearly has been immersed in water at some point, judging from its fur. More than that, check out the paws on that creature!

A Canada lynx walks across a log
This Canada lynx appears to be soaking wet while walking along a log in western Maine. Credit: Courtesy of Allie Ladd

The video clips, both taken at the same log where a piece of roadkill deer has been tethered to a log across the water, show that wild cats are no more fond of being wet than is the kitty in your living room.

In one, the lynx takes an unexpected dip as it tries to dislodge some meat from the deer leg. It responds by walking back toward the camera and giving a shake — as evidenced by the spray of water droplets that follow.

In the other segment, a lynx walks along the log toward the opposite shore, which requires it to take a few steps in the water. Once it reaches the bank, where some snow remains, the cat shakes its hind legs to dislodge the sticky snow from its feet.

Thanks again, Allie, for sharing your videos with Bangor Daily News readers!

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